In Memory of Shani Louk RIP

Forever Young. Forever Art.

Shani Louk | 2001 – 2023

Shani’s Story

Shani Louk was a young German Israeli tattoo artist who lost her life in the massacre of 07th October in Israel.
She just wanted to dance and enjoy music during the NOVA music festival and got trapped by Hamas terrorists while trying to escape.
With this web site her family wants to commemorate her and her artistic spirit as well as spread her art and visions to the world.

Tattoo & Culture | Sacred Geometry

“I feel spiritually connected to those shapes and patterns, my goal is to put them into my art.
I think it is beautiful and has a meaning everyone can connect to.”
Shani Louk R.I.P.

Commemorate Shani

Let Shani live forever by comemorating her art on your skin.
Download one of her tattoo art and use it.

“It’s all too much and not enough
at the same time.”

– Jack Kerouac