In Memory of Shani Louk RIP

Forever Young. Forever Art.

Shani Louk | 2001 – 2023

Shani’s Story

Shani Louk was a young German-Israeli tattoo artist who was killed in the massacre of 0ctober 7 2023 in Israel.

Shani came to the Nova festival in order to listen to music and dance with her friends. That morning, Hamas terrorists carried out a massive attack. Shani was captured and killed while trying to escape.

This website was created by Shani’s family to commemorate her life and to spread her artistic spirit and vision throughout the world.


Shani grew up in Srigim, a village in Israel. She was a happy, creative child with a great sense of humor; she loved nature and music. As a teenager, she danced hip-hop and modern dance, and enjoyed designing and sewing clothes.

She spent a year studying at Lifta High School, which focuses on the arts, and later studied graphic design at the Avni College of Art and Design.

At the age of eighteen, she moved to Tel Aviv, and began supporting herself. She decided not to serve in the army and worked in a variety of places – supermarkets, restaurants and stores – to earn a living.

An autodidact, Shani taught herself the art of dreadlocks and very soon did it professionally. Concurrently, she became a tattoo artist and opened her own studio in her small apartment in Tel Aviv.

Shani was much loved and always surrounded by friends. She adored the lively vibe of Tel Aviv and Jaffa.

In the last year of her life, she traveled to music festivals all over Europe and Mexico too. She met her Mexican boyfriend, Orion, during a music festival in Croatia and went on to attend  many more festivals with him and his friends from South America.

On October 7, Shani was at the Nova festival with Orion when Hamas terrorists launched the attack. They tried to escape by car but Shani and another friend, Keshet, were murdered; Orion, was kidnapped.

“You were an angel on earth
and now you are an angel in heaven”

Shani was a very special young woman with a huge heart and a zest for life. She was able to turn any bad situation into something good, and whenever one of her friends was in trouble she was always there to help.

Family was important to Shani. She loved coming home at weekends to meet up with her brothers and sister and she also loved visiting her extended family in Israel and Germany. Shani was a person of deep beliefs who valued her Jewish roots and religion. She was naturally interested in other cultures and traditions, as well. She respected them and held an intrinsic belief in the goodness of people all over the world.  She loved music, loved dancing and had friends from all over the world.

If you would have asked Shani what she wanted to do in the future, she probably would have said she’d like to continue designing tattoos, designing clothes, working on stage sets  for festivals and modeling. In addition, she would have continued doing her best to help people in need. Even though Shani’s life was much too short, she was mature for her age and lived a very full, exciting and joyful life. We are so grateful for the life she lived and the goodness she brought to so many people. 

May the world remember Shani for the joy, love and light she radiated.


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